We congratulate ourselves, farmers, agricultural land investors, researchers, explorers and major water exploration companies for issuing the totally new device and one of a kind worldwide, and working with three underground water exploration systems.
The device has several unique features:
-Large 8-inch screen with high resolution and provides touch option.
-High speed and accuracy in processing search data.
-A compact printer with the main unit that prints an immediate report of the results of water underground detection process.
Very accurate and high possibility in giving the results of determining the water depth, density, salinity and type of water whether it is (fresh - salty - very salty), with the possibility of determining the depth.
The device reaches a depth of 1500 meters in the ground and up to 3000 square meters of front range.
The device works in six languages (German - English - French - Spanish - Italian - Arabic).
RIVER G device is one of the best German innovations with European cϵ certification according to international specifications. (Leer más)

Fresh Result 2 systems Plus Device

Detector de agua geofísico y de largo alcance Fresh Result 2 Systems Plus
Referencia: FRESH RESULT 2
Descripción del Fresh Result 2 El Fresh Result 2 es el primer detector de agua del mundo de largo alcance y geofísico. Muy recomendado para agricultores, inversore... (Leer más)

River-F Plus Device

Detector de agua de largo alcance
RIVER - F es el primer dispositivo en el mundo que detecta el agua subterránea
Con pantalla táctil,
Con capacidad para determinar el tipo de agua,
Y la profundidad del agua,
La profundidad hasta 1200 m y la gama delantera es 3000 m cuadrados.
El dispositivo funciona en seis idiomas diferentes: (alemán - inglés - francés - italiano - español y árabe).
Industria alemana.

Fresh Result Device

Detector de agua de largo alcance Fresh Result 1 System
Referencia: FRESH RESULT 1
Descripción del Fresh Result 1 El detector de agua Fresh Result 1 System es capaz de encontrar aguas subterráneas a una profundidad de 1200 metros y hasta 2000 met... (Leer más)

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cϵ Marking Certificate

cϵ Marking Certificate
NO: QA-AC-3372/17

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